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Packages and packages wastes disposal

One of essential aspects in environmental management in ANWIL SA is packages and packages wastes disposal and obligations connected with this subject - the law of 11th May, 2001 on contractors obligations in the range of some wastes management as well as product fee and deposit fee (Official Gazette announcing current legislation of 2001, no 63, item 639, change: Official Gazette of 2002, no 113, item 984). In the light of regulations of the law concerned, ANWIL SA, as a contractor who introduces products in packages into domestic market, is obliged to ensure proper recycling of individual sort of packages. The company executes this obligation by Polish Recycling

System Recovery Organization joint stock Company, which gave ANWIL SA the certificate confirming the above activities. Thus, ANWIL SA as a participant of the program "Care for Nature" is authorized to put this programs logo on its packages. It is a symbol of ecological consciousness and care for natural environment.

It should be emphasized that Polish Recycling System Recovery Organization, just as ANWIL SA, realizes the program "Responsible Care".

Increase of fees, comparing with the previous year, connected with packages disposal, is not a result of a unit fee increase (prices are lower than in 2002) and amounts of packages put into the market, but it arises from higher level of recycling for different packages groups, required by law, i.e.:

  • for plastic packages increase from 7% to 10%,
  • for packages made of natural materials (wood, textiles) increase from 5% to 7%,
  • for packages made of paper or cardboard increase from 37% to 38%.