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Corporate social responsibility is a concept of corporate self-regulation towards the respect for social interest and the environment protection embedded in organisations’ operational strategies and their relations with a variety of stakeholders’ groups. It must not, however, be limited to sheer philanthropy or charity, nor is it tantamount to the idea of sponsoring. CSR is rather a strategic tool, a value deriving from a particular business approach grounded in the company’s awareness of its surroundings a part of which the organisation remains. The surrounding’s well-being is the company’s chief concern.

Such a CSR-based approach to business activity is incorporated in ANWIL S.A. mission statement stipulating the need for sustainable development in line with the interest of both current and future generations, promotion of corporate culture based on trust and fair assessment and creation of sound relations with the surrounding environment.

Having analysed and considered the needs of its surroundings, ANWIL S.A. has marked out the areas of its operation in which CSR-related activities are implemented:

  • The external environment: the population of the region and the natural environment
  • The internal environment: the working environment

Regarding the above areas in our operation, we pursue the following values:

ANWIL S.A. as a responsible neighbour.
Natural environment protection for the sake of current and future generations.
ANWIL S.A. as a responsible employer.